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Do you often in the car because of falling debris (French fries, bread, biscuits, phone, tissue, key, eccetera) and hard to remove if you feel annoyed, because the car no more storage space to place the pants pocket belongings and feel uncomfortable, now this product in the protection of car seat leather not subject to wear and fundamentally solve these problems.

This Gap filler can fill% 75-80 seat side of the gap (measured by models: Cadillac ATS, Honda accord,Toyota CamryToyota Corolla)It give additional storage for your phone, tissue, eyeglass, purse,eccetera. This Gap filler will effectively prevent dropping item in between the seat and limited distraction during the driving

✅ DIAMOND SHARPENING STONES - The double-side small and ultra-thin diamond sharpening stones perform easy, efficient and sharp sharpening and polish.

✅ COARSE & FINE GRINDING COMBO - Design in dual-side diamond, provide perfect grinding plan by using the 400 Grit as coarse honing before the 600 Grit as fine grinding.

✅ UNIQUE PORTABLE FOLDING DESIGN - leggero, compact, convenient, perfectly fits carrying around for outdoor activities. The fan-shaped and folding construction provides great protection to the stones, preventing from damage.

✅ IDEAL FOR KITCHEN & OUTDOORS - Made for Kitchen knives, Scissors, Garden Tools and Outdoor keen-edged cutting tools.

✅ MATERIAL: Titanium Plated Diamond Whetstone and ABS black handle; SIZE: diamond whetstone: 4 x 0.8 x 0.2 inch; folding length: 5 inch; spread length: 8.9 inch





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